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Mats, pads and accessories for desks and tables. 
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A flexible game board, a gaming mouse pad, reusable drink coasters or dry-wipe notebooks are just a few examples of how you can use our products. Tell us what you need.
Zwinięte maty gumowe z nadrukiem
We offer prints on natural rubber, eco-leather, canvas, latex and non-slip fabrics, among others. We are not limited by the design, quantity, shape or size of the product. We will help you choose the solutions that best meet your and your customers' expectations. Each of our materials can be adapted to your needs in terms of size and finish. We produce locally, which allows us to carry out prototypes and orders even from one piece, and for larger orders, we offer quick production of test pieces. Do you want to know more about the available materials before making a decision?
Maty gumowe do gier planszowych i bitewnych z figurkami i kostkami

The most popular materials

Mata gumowa z nadrukiem dla firmy, podłoże z gumy naturalnej grubości 2mm

Natural rubber with a thickness of 2 mm

The rubber mats and pads are non-slip on the underside, and the print side is resistant to damage and scratches. They can be machine washed, rolled up and folded. It is the material from which we make desk mats and gaming mouse pads.
The material is recommended for desk pads or mats for board, battle and card games.


This material is flexible, and at the same time very durable and waterproof. The unique structure and the possibility of double-sided printing make eco-leather mats popular and appreciated by customers.
Chosen by designers and publishers of board games or RPGs.
Mata z ekoskóry do gier planszowych, dwustronnie zadrukowana

The most popular technologies

Wycinane laserowo elementy gumowe, mata gumowa z wycięciami, gumowy teren 2D, gumowa podkładka pod napoje

Laser cutting

The laser cutting technique that we use in the production of rubber mats makes the edges even, free from fraying and resistant to damage. In addition, it allows us to obtain a non-standard, almost any shape of the product, as well as propose innovative solutions, such as, for example, cutouts inside the mat.
Most often used with natural rubber products.

Dry erase coating

A special coating that turns the mat into a reusable board, on which we can draw using dry-erase markers. We can easily wipe all or part of the surface at any time and start over. Also available on a non-slip (rubber) base!
Maty wielokrotnego użytku z powłoką suchościeralną do gier RPG

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