We serve business clients from all over the world, including game designers and publishers. We have completed thousands of wholesale and retail orders, which allowed us to adapt our production and service process to meet the needs of various, often very demanding customers.

Why is it worth working with us?

We will adjust the product to your needs

We are not limited by anything except the possibilities of printing technology and the durability of the materials used. As standard, we offer the production of mats and pads in almost any shape and size.

We only use proven materials

You will not find synthetic materials, paints or laminates harmful to your health in our products. We have tested dozens of variants from many suppliers and chose those that are not only of the best quality, but above all meet safety and ecology standards. We are constantly looking for new technological solutions, and the needs of our clients are a great inspiration for us.

We manufacture locally

We control the quality at all stages of production, which allows us to avoid shifts in the order fulfillment date. Domestic production guarantees on-time delivery - you do not have to worry about delayed deliveries to your customers. We are able to quickly make a prototype or a small trial run.

We advise, learn and develop

We know well and understand the needs of the recipients of our products. If the basic offer does not include the solution you are looking for, we will try to find a material that meets your expectations or propose an attractive alternative.

Our brands

Logo sklepu internetowego Playmaty.pl
We serve retail customers, shops and wholesalers in Poland as the Playmaty brand.
Logo sklepu internetowego Playmats.eu
We serve retail customers, shops and wholesalers on foreign markets as the Playmats brand.
Logo sklepu internetowego unikalneobrazy.pl
Online shop with themed Canvas paintings and reproductions of famous works of art.
Logo sklepu internetowego Sacra
SACRA.PL is a nationwide producer of religious paintings and religious reproductions.

In the years 2019-2022, we have made


prototypes and non-standard realizations


orders for business customers

10 450

coasters for desks and tables

120 200 

mats for board and battle games

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