We cooperate with publishers and designers of board and video games, advertising agencies, producers of gaming accessories or creators of crowdfunding campaigns.

Are you wondering if our products are for you, even if you are not a publisher or game designer? Definitely yes!

 The mats will be perfect both as a large and comfortable desk pad, a unique gadget for your clients or employees, and in a smaller version as stands for drinks, plates or simply a unique table decoration, resistant to damage and water. Our products will surely prove themselves in your projects. Familiarize yourself with the offer dedicated to selected categories of customers or write to us - we will be happy to help. 

How do we work

The first stage of the implementation of each order is sending us an inquiry. In the message, specify the size, quantity and expected date of order fulfillment. Our specialists will contact you to look after you and possibly specify the information. If you know what material and technology you want to use, be sure to include this information. If you do not know or have doubts what type of mats will be the best in this case, do not worry - provide us with as much information as possible about your project and we will select the optimal technology.
After determining the circulation and choosing the technology and material, we prepare a quote. We also set a convenient way for you to pack and ship ready-made products and the date of completion. After accepting these conditions, we begin the implementation. First, we determine if we are making a prototype of the product - if so, we usually make it within 5 working days and ship it to you.
When you accept the prototype, we prepare the entire ordered edition. We control the quality at every stage of production. In our warehouse, finished products are packed in our standard packaging or in a different way, determined at the stage of preparing the offer.
Shipment of the order is carried out in whole or in parts, depending on the established guidelines. We have experience in handling very large orders, both in domestic and international forwarding.

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