Sample products

Examples of end products are the combination of various types of materials we use with the processing technologies, finishing and packaging methods selected by the customer. There are also products sold by us to retail customers as part of and stores.

Rubber mats with a two-sided print

Double-sided printed rubber mats are a product that distinguishes us on the market. On both sides of the mat, there may be different patterns, individually selected by the customer.

Materials and technologies used

2D terrains: rubber pads in unusual shapes

Laser cutting allows us to make almost any shape of a rubber mat and create a unique pad from it or just a portable and non-slip 2D terrain for battle games.

Materials and technologies used

Dry-erase books, mats and tokens for RPG's

The combination of high-quality print and dry-erase coating allows you to create unique products for RPG players, on which you can repeatedly write with a dry-erase marker.

Materials and technologies used

Dice friend - bag and dice tray in one

A unique product on the market - a double-sided bone tray, which, thanks to the unusual arrangement of snaps, can easily turn into a handy bellows.

Materials and technologies used

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