Our technologies

See what we offer finishing technologies for our products. If you want to see what a dry-wipe or laser-cut mat looks like, we encourage you to order a sample package.
Familiarize yourself with all available technologies or if you know what you are looking for, go straight to the selected one

Laser cutting

Laser cutting is used for rubber material with a size of less than 150 cm (longest side). This technique allows you to get almost any shape of the product while maintaining all its advantages and properties. Laser-cut edges are durable and resistant to fraying without the need for hemming.

Materials available for laser cutting

Two-sided printing

As one of the few manufacturers on the market, we offer rubber mats and other products with double-sided printing as standard. Thanks to this solution, you can offer your client two unique products in one. Both sides of the product can be printed on rubber, latex or eco-leather.

Materials available with double-sided printing

Dry-erase coating

A special coating that turns the mat into a reusable board, on which we can draw using dry-erase markers. We can easily wipe all or part of the surface at any time and start over.  This finishing method is also available on a non-slip (rubber) base.

Materials that can be covered with dry-erase coating


Durable plastic studs transform a small rubber pad into a practical tray or a universal and portable dice tray.

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