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We are Netfire Group

Development & Manufacturing company

We’re an international supplier of mats, canvas prints and gaming accesories. We serve retail customers, often to individual clients’ specifications, either with one of our existing products or according to a given customer’s design. We also ship wholesale orders to retailers and publishers.

We have a reliable production line and a logistical network that has fulfilled many bulk orders. Our worldwide shipping expertise allows us to minimise the risk of delays, while our ongoing commitment to quality helps us provide you with products you’ll be proud of.
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Our main products

Neoprene mat

Our mats are produced at our company headquarters in Poland, where we can assure 100% quality and color control. The mats are wash and crease resistant. They're made of sensuous satin fabric. Our facilities allow us an extensive range of technologies and immense amount of control over the product. We offer a varied range of mats – not only in different sizes but also in desired shapes, since we're able to prepare a custom cutting die.
Perfect as mousepad, yoga mat, table mat

Canvas print

These stylish prints boast a canvas finish akin to the works of great painters. As such, they are ideal for maps, thematic art and historical settings. The canvas mats allow for high level of detail, double sided print and can even be stretched onto a frame. Whether serving as decoration or prop, these are as versatile as they are unique.
Perfect as fine art reproduction, framed picture

Synthetic leather prints

The eco leather mat ticks all the boxes – the quality, the durability, the lightness and the abilty to fold. This mat is unlike any other. One side has exclusive leather texture, the other is made of silky satin. Double sided print is possible!
perfect as gaming mat, upholstery

Customized gaming mats

We produce gaming mats for card games (CCG, FCG), board games, wargames. The mats can be almost any shape or size: round, hex-shaped or with elegant rounded corners. They can also have holes cut in them, so you can slot dice, tokens or miniatures inside.

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