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Mats for strategy and board games, miniatures and CCGs/TCGs/LCGs. We can prepare mats in various technologies depending on the purpose and market segment they are intended for. We produce mats from one piece to distribution quantities (1000+).
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Board Games, wargames, cardgames.

We’re an international supplier of playmats and game accessories. We serve retail customers, often to individual clients’ specifications, either with one of our existing products or according to a given customer’s design. We also ship wholesale orders to retailers and publishers such as Lucky Duck Games (Vikings Gone Wild), Phalanx (uBoot, Hannibal&Hamilcar), Q Workshop (Cthulhu & Dice mats) and Board&Dice (Superhot and other titles). We have a reliable production line and a logistical network that has fulfilled many bulk orders. Our worldwide shipping expertise allows us to minimise the risk of delays, while our ongoing commitment to quality helps us provide you with products you’ll be proud of.

Production Technology

We can guarantee continuous manufacturing owing to two production lines, operating independently in different locales. In case of a technical issue of any sort at one of the places, the process can be maintained at the other one. Production can also be scaled for big contracts. We’re equipped with a 100 000W electrical terminal, allowing us to launch several parallel manufacturing cycles. Our extensive facilities include a prototyping room, 3D printers, resin machines and a photo studio. Thanks to these we’re able to implement products at any stage, from an idea draft to the final version ready for a store shelf.


We use eco-friendly devices and take care with our products – they aren’t hazardous to children or adults. Our step-by-step quality checks throughout the manufacturing process and use of advanced management systems (inspired by those in use at Toyota and TQM) allow efficient production of highest quality goods.

Most popular technology - rubber / neoprene mats

Our classic rubber mats are a popular and well established product. They’re water and mould resistant, printed using high quality Swiss inks, making for a quality product that is built to last. They can also be rolled and folded for easy transport and storage. The mats can be any shape or size.

Final Result

Finished products are packed according to client specifications. The entire production process can take place at our company: from production to packing and distribution to logistics centres.