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Dice Friend

The Dice Friend is a simple to use, durable Dice Tray that transforms into a Dice Bag with a couple of snaps! Our elegant dice trays are designed to keep dice contained, preventing them from falling off the table, knocking over components and wreaking general havoc. Product designed, prototyped and produced in Netfire Group company.

2D gaming terrains

2D terrains on foam underlay are a perfect addition for miniature games like Warhammer. Cutted by laser with anti-slip botton and satin surface. Distributed by our webshop and by worldwide partners

Canvas framed prints

Fine Art Reproducions on canvas, distributed by our webshop

Card game & mousepad big mats

We produce tablemats, mousepads and anti-slip mats.

Wargame and miniature game mats

Mats for miniature games distributed by partner shops and our websites -,