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Who we Serve

Our offer is wide and adapted to the needs of any part of the supply chain. We manufacture and serve target customers, agents and publishers. Products can be packaged according to guidelines in multipacks or single packages.
  • Retail & Consumer
    We produce for the consumer market by selling through our own channels - online stores,,,, and also on the Amazon Prime platform.
  • Gaming Shops
    We supply board game stores with gaming mats. We have a wide range, from mats for card and battle games to accessories for RPGs.
  • Product Developers
    We support companies that implement or plan to introduce new products to the market. We have technological facilities that allow us to prepare prototypes of products from 1 piece, in addition, we can prepare 3D renderings or photographs for promotional purposes and prepare a full price estimation for any amount of any product that is to enter the market.
  • Publishers
    We support publishers of board games in the production of official mats distributed using the publisher's own channels or by offering a drop shipping service. We have many years of experience in the production of official gaming mats, we have made mats for companies such as Phalanx, Lucky Duck Games, Q-Workshop, Ludi Creations and Rebel (Asmodee Group). As part of our cooperation with publishers, we provide ready-made photos, pre-production prototype mats and 3D renderings.
  • Distributors
    We have many distribution models of our own products - from partner stores, through wholesalers to publishers. If you would like to start wholesale distribution in your country, contact to us and we will send you an offer of cooperation.
  • Kickstarter creators
    We’ve collaborated with over ten Kickstarter campaigns, and we can always offer you free samples regardless of the campaign’s stage. Our facilities contain a photography studio and we can also provide you with hi-res photos of your designs, that you can use on the campaign page. We know how much work it takes to prepare and promote a crowdfunding campaign – that’s why we’ll be trying to ease as much pressure off your back as we can!
  • Business
    We are a dynamically developing enterprise, the scale of production and distribution more than doubles every year. Only in 2019, we produced over 100,000 individual products that went to markets around the world. If you want to establish a business relationship, joint investment – contact us, we are open to various forms of cooperation. We plan to intensify the expansion of Western European markets as well as the United States and the United Arab Emirates.
  • Artists
    We cooperate with artists who create graphics for ourd products.